Hamed Rayat grew up in the city of Tehran where he studied painting and drawing over four years, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art, Tabriz Azad University. Rayat was surrounded by a large community of artists in Tehran, however, Iranian state authorities and fundamentalist groups enforced constraints on artistic expression. As a result, art exhibitions in Iran are rare and must conform to religious aesthetics and state provisions. Rayat arrived in Australia by boat in early 2012, where he applied for refugee protection visa.

Hamed Rayat joined TOP’s print studio in February 2014 where he has been working on his new series of etchings, Boat People. This series of portraits of the artist’s friends show the physical and emotional toll on those forced to flee. These prints also serve as a self-representation of the refugee experience, something lacking in Australia’s contemporary political and media landscape.



20 FEB - 14 MAR 2015: Offcuts

6 – 20 DEC 2014: Boat People

7 DEC 2014: Works on Paper, The Social Studio