Iwantja Arts visit The Ownership Project

The Ownership Project artists and staff were treated to a visit by Iwantja Arts, South Australia. Artists David Frank, Eric Barney, Kaylene Whiskey, Rene Sundown, and art centre manager Beth Conway popped into the studio this Saturday for an afternoon of tea and scones. Two TOP artists got to meet the visiting artists and printmakers, sharing insights, stories and culture.

Later in the afternoon the visiting artists made their way to David Frank's solo exhibition launch, Nganana Wararakatinyi Ngura (We Are Jumping) at Alcaston Gallery.  David Frank's exhibition is current till the 6th of June. If you would like to know more about Frank's exhibition at Alcaston Gallery please click here. 

Iwantja Arts has a simultaneous exhibition titled Ngura Wangkanyi (Talking About Country) at PG Printmaker Gallery showcasing limited edition woodblock prints. Exploring the artists' powerful connection to country, these prints are the result of a collaboration between Iwantja artists and master printmaker, Basil Hall, and will be on display till the 12th June.

The Ownership Project would like to congratulate both David Frank on his solo exhibition, Nganana Wararakatinyi Ngura (We Are Jumping), and all the artists part of Ngura Wangkanyi (Talking About Country). We very much look forward to seeing you all next time you are in Melbourne.