Local member of the Ghanaian community murals our front entrance

Julius Sackey

Julius Sackey

Julius Sackey, local member of the Ghanaian community, has been working tirelessly to create a striking mural on our front wall. After designing the mural in our studio the day before, Sackey chalked up the design and was painting within 24 hours.

The response from the community has been great with numerous Fitzroy residents complimenting the painter and expressing a love of the design and colours. Since completing the mural, Julius is keen to maintain a working relationship with The Ownership Project by becoming our first resident artist. We hope to have a range of hand-printed fabric designs on display soon as well as a series of prints on paper.

Julius moved to the UK from Ghana in 2008. After two years in London he migrated to Australia and settled in Melbourne only last year. Although he hasn’t been practicing as a painter for long he has been influenced by his father’s work who is a respected painter in Ghana. Aside from his talent for visual arts, Julius is also a practicing musician as the drummer for two bands (one Ghanaian and one Afro-funk) that perform regularly in and around Melbourne. What’s more, he is an incredible and highly regarded African dance performer and instructor. All in all, Julius holds a passion for the arts which is clear not only when considering his aptitude but also his enthusiastic dedication to anything through which he can express himself creatively.

If anyone is keen to contact Julius regarding his art please contact The Ownership Project.