Elcho Island

January 2012 Elcho Workshop

Elcho Island 2012
Elcho Island 2012 prints

Once again we returned to Elcho Island Arts, Galiwinku, to collaborate with local artists. During the three week workshop, artists created limited edition prints centred on the themes of men’s and women’s business. Tommy Minburra and Andrew Markula created a series of culturally significant prints based on ceremonial designs painted onto the chests of young boys during Dhapi ceremony, marking a right of passage into manhood. Female artists chose to focus on subjects relating to their daily lives creating prints depicting pandanus weavings and bush tucker. Overall, the workshop resulted in a strong body of work with bolder designs and brighter colours than previous workshops. For those interested in seeing these prints please email us at info@theownershipproject.com.au

Judy Manany

Elcho Island cushion covers

Photography by Tamaryn Goodyear

Photography by Tamaryn Goodyear

In celebration of the current Dirramu Ga Miyalku Djama print exhibtion, the Ownership Project is releasing a limited edition range of stunning, hand-printed cushion covers with lino cut designs commissioned from Elcho Island artists Judy Manany and Ruth Lulwarriwuy. All cushion covers have been carefully hand printed in The Ownership Project studio and manufactured a few streets away at The Social Studio.

Due to the nature of hand printing the lino designs, each cushion cover is unique in its design layout. Available in small and large sizes and an array of vibrant colour combinations.

These stunning Elcho Island cushion covers will be for sale in the gallery until sold out.

Photo by Tamaryn Goodyear

Photo by Tamaryn Goodyear

Dirramu Ga Miyalku Djama: Elcho Island exhibition

Dirramu Ga Miyalku Djama (Men’s and Women’s Work): Elcho Island exhibition

Exhibition: 13 September – 7 October 2012. Opening Event: Thursday 13 September 2012, 6-8pm.  

Mavis W Ganambarr, My Weaving, reduction woodblock on Magnani paper, 2012.

After last year’s popular Elcho Island print show that launched The Ownership Project gallery, TOP is proud to be hosting its second exhibition of new works from the remote community.

In January 2012, Sean travelled to Echo Island, NT, to run a one-week intensive print workshop at Elcho Island Arts centre. A group of emerging and established artists from Galiwin’ku and the nearby homelands attended the workshops, experimenting with colours in their varied depictions of work and ritual within the community.

Dirramu Ga Miyalku Djama is an exhibition of new, limited edition woodblock prints by Indigenous artists working with Elcho Island Arts in the Northern Territory. From men’s ceremonial chest designs to detailed weaving imagery and illustrated troupie tales, these remarkable, contemporary works tell of Yolngu tradition and culture from the remote island community.

Please joins us at The Ownership Project gallery on Thursday 13 September, 6 -8 pm, for a drink to celebrate the launch of the Dirramu Ga Miyalku Djama exhibition.

Artists Judy Manany and Tommy Minburra at work.

TOP gallery opens

TOP Gallery opening

Last Saturday,  TOP gallery opened with a stunning suite of prints from Elcho Island. This exhibition launched a new series of reduction woodblocks created in a workshop run by TOP in collaboration with Elcho Island Arts and Craft. It also hosted a retrospective of prints created on the island over the last two years. This island community has many talented visual artists and we are privileged to exhibit their work in Melbourne.

The response from the community has been overwhelming. We had an amazing turnout with some familiar faces as well as many new ones. Many thanks to artist Sue Rankin for her welcome to country and her blessing for TOP. We are very grateful.

Thank you to all those who attended and we look forward to seeing you all at our next opening.

For more photos of the opening please check out our facebook page

Elcho Island Mural Project

Elcho Island Mural Project

Sean was recently asked by Marthakal Homelands Resource Centre (an Indigenous directed organisation in the Northern Territory responsible for providing services to remote Indigenous communities/homelands) to assist with directing and facilitating a mural project at the only motel on Elcho Island. The project was directed by local community members to provide visitors with an awareness of Indigenous culture on the island. Marthakal Visitor Accommodation is now not only more colourful, but a source of pride and identification for all those within the community who participated in the project. For more photos of the project please visit our facebook page. To contact Marthakal Visitor Accommodation you can contact them on (08) 8970 5157.

The Ownership Project would very much like to thank Julie White, Daisy Gumbala, and Susan Wedlock and all the staff at Marthakal for their support throughout the project. Sean Smith and the artists greatly appreciated it.

Textiles workshop with Koskela Design

Ruth Lulwarriwuy grinding down ochres for her art

Ruth Lulwarriwuy grinding down ochres for her art

In July, Sean travelled to remote Galiwin’ku, Elcho Island, to run a textile workshop in conjunction with Sydney based design company, Koskela Designs. The collaboration between Koskela Designs, Sean, and the talented local artists was incredibly fruitful.

Out of the workshop a stunning new range of fabric designs were created by Megan Gurruwiwi, Judy Manany, Mavis Ganambarr, Ruth Lulwarriwuy, and Margaret Rarru. Keep an eye on the Koskela Designs website for details of when this new range of fabric will be released.

Check out Kosela Designs.

Elcho Island Print Workshop, June 2011

Elcho Island Workshop 2011

In June Sean, from The Ownership Project, spent 5 days working with artists from Galiwin’ku in north east Arnhem Land. Participating in this reduction woodblock workshop was a mix of some well-seasoned artists and new emerging talent. After a hectic 4 days of printing, punctuated by ceremony, Sean and the artists completed seven striking reduction woodblock editions.

Participating artists included star weavers Mavis Ganambarr and Judy Manany. Also participating was husband and wife team Andrew Markula and Charmaine Ashley, talented weaver and painter Ruth Lulwarriwuy. emerging artist Katrina Burarruwanga, and senior man Frank Wunungmurra.

A set of these prints will be on display at The Ownership Project Gallery and Studio between 27 September and 9 October.

For further information about these prints please contact Sean Smith on 0448 567 883.

Elcho Island Arts partners with Sean Smith from The Ownership Project to create new suite of prints

Mavis Ganambars paintings and prints

Mavis Ganambars paintings and prints

In the first week of June 2011 Sean ran a one-week print workshop at Elcho Island Arts. During the five-day workshop, Sean and Indigenous artists from the remote art centre worked tirelessly to create seven beautiful reduction woodblock prints.

The theme of the workshop was ‘New Stories, Old Stories’, with artists drawing on both traditional artistic styles, as well as modern life stories. Nine artists were involved in the project. Prints created are a beautiful reflection of the culturally rich and diverse elements of Yolngu culture. Both the traditional and contemporary elements of Arnhem Land art collide, resulting in the vibrant and colourful suite of prints.

For more information about these prints and how to purchase them contact Elcho Island Arts on (08) 8970 5088.