Mothers & Ink II

Harvest celebration

Daddabile, relief print on Magnani paper by Nadia Y Sharit at The Ownership Project, 2013.

The Ownership Project invites you to Harvest, a celebration of new prints by local East African artists. Industrious neighbourhood afternoons continue to weave conversation with vibrant pattern work, encompassing daily rituals, henna work, seasonal harvests, and playful objects.

Adept at storytelling, the artists have individual sensibilities for texture, colour, and pattern. The works voice personal histories of movement and home, marking connections to place and to times past and to come. Join us to celebrate the works and connections made to date in the Arts Victoria-supported Mothers and Ink Project II, part of our Creative Capacity Program here in Kulin Country.

Celebration 6-8pm Friday 9 May 2014
Current to 25 May 2014