Sean Smith profile shot 2013

Sean Smith | Coordinator

Sean is a practicing artist, custom printmaker and arts worker. He currently coordinates the Artists in Residence, Creative Capacity and remote Australian programs at TOP. He is also Studio Manager at Elcho Island Arts in northeast Arnhem Land. Sean holds Bachelor and First Class Honours degrees in Fine Arts from COFA, UNSW. Previous roles include: Arts Development Officer and Interim Manager, Elcho Island Arts and Crafts, Arnhem Land; Custom Printer for Northern Editions, Charles Darwin University; and Custom Printer for Basil Hall Editions (printing limited edition prints by Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian artists, including Regina Pilawuk Wilson, Judy Watson, Dennis Nona, Kathleen Petyarre, Alick Tipoti, Gary Shead and others and has assisted artists in printing including Adam Cullen, Reg Mombassa, Ben Quilty, Elizabeth Cummings).


Kylie Blackley profile shot 2014

Kylie Blackley | Special Projects Coordinator

Kylie is a professional editioning printmaker, studio manager and print workshop facilitator. Kylie has worked tirelessly as Studio Coordinator for 2013-14. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking in 2006 from the Victorian College of the Arts, Kylie undertook an internship handling works on paper at Bunkier Stzuki Gallery of Contemporary Art in Kraków, Poland. Upon her return to Australia, Kylie moved to Darwin for a short stint of editioning at Northern Editions print studio and gallery at Charles Darwin University. Residing in Melbourne, Kylie enjoys looking for the balance between technician work, community projects and freelance printing.


Jaime Powell profile shot 2014

Jaime Powell | Printmaker Tutor

Jaime Powell likes pictures. She graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2011 and interned at Singapore Tyler Print Institute. There she became captivated by methods of printmaking, in particular lithography. Her work involves a presentation of mark-making as installations of lithographic prints.



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Image: Opening of Mother's & Ink exhibition, 2012. Photo: Tamaryn Goodyear